Torch The value of design
How we work
We identify
where to begin.

How does Torch use design thinking to build strategy?

We work with people who understand they have a problem. We start a conversation. We ask core questions. But we don't presume to come in with all the answers. Our work involves collaboration with our clients and we depend on interaction for gaining key insights into their business.

Our aim is to clarify. We help to strengthen the organization's ability to innovate, to learn and to cultivate talent, and its capacity for creative resilience. We use design thinking to reveal the organization's hidden resources for innovation and creativity.

We understand the importance of ensuring that the culture of an organization supports its design for creating value. As designers we are used to thinking of the diverse talents of an organization as interdependent, and we are experts on the power of cross-functional teamwork.

We identify
where to begin.

We build a
common platform.

We create a
strategy for change.

Strategy consulting
Brand strategy
Design strategy
Scenario thinking
Culture change

Campbell's Soup Company
Daily Bread Foodbank
Dell Canada
Fidelity Investments
Hudson's Bay Company
Katz Group

Korn Ferry International
Kraft General Foods
Norwalk Community College
The Thomson Corporation
TD Bank Financial Group
Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute
The Woodbridge Company

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